Thursday, August 19, 2010


My husband and I, both "Baby Boomers" often have conversations about the delights of our childhood. A few days ago, he asked me what was in my cigar box when I was a kid.

Cigar boxes were a great way to keep the treasures we collected when we were just coming into our own and feeling that we needed to keep our "stuff" safe and secure. Although I do not remember many adults who actually smoked the cigars, those boxes, with their flip up tops and sturdy structures seemed to always be available for storing the things we wanted to keep or save for later.

My husband's cigar box held his sharpened number 2 pencils, pink pearled erasers, rubber bands, baseball cards, rock collection, and a five-pack of Bazooka Joe bubble gum.

Surprisingly (but maybe not so much since we are truly soul mates), my cigar box held the same things, except for the rocks. My rock collection was kept in a corner of the backyard where, of course, rocks belong.

We both made sure we opened the Bazooka Joe 5-pack, so the sweet bubblegum smell could fill the inside of the box. At Halloween, we both kept those red wax lips in the box and when we had extra allowance money, we stockpiled those straws filled with that sweet kool-aid-like powder.

When our daughter was born in the 1970's, my husband bought, what else, cigars, to hand out to relatives and friends. And yes, he kept the box.

Tell me, what was in YOUR cigar box?

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