Friday, August 20, 2010

My friend Liz B. writes about what was in her cigar box:

Just read the cigar box story. I had one too. My father smoked/chewed Prince Edward cigars. What memories. used to wear the rings that came off the cigars themselves. My box had a few arrow heads, acorns, a bug or two and rocks...all kinds of rocks! I still love rocks. Amazing.

And about rocks. When we went squirrel hunting with my father he always made sure we wanted to go again by showing us 'things' like old creek beds with arrow heads and areas that he must have know had sharks teeth. And in TX there are a million kinds of oak trees with that many different kinds of acorns. I grew up in the sticks!!! with a very attentive father....who chewed tobacco....who spit in a large Crisco can!

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