Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As we pause to remember the Oakland Firestorm of 1991, I am sharing a piece written by my then 15-year old daughter, Angela.  We were all feeling stunned, saddened and shocked on that day and the days that followed.  For us, Angela captured those feelings best.........

                                                                             “Boutte, Angela
                                                                               English, Per. 6
                                                                           October 29, 1991


    The temperature was almost one hundred degrees; a record breaking high for Oakland in October.  Oakland’s cable flickered on and off as did the electricity.  Suddenly the news erupted in chaos.  A fire was out of control and growing bigger!  The soaring heat went higher and higher.  Immense flames consumed trees and overpowered any water resistance.  The orange glow could be seen miles away.  A thick black cloud hovered over the entire area making it seem like midnight.  After the disaster, it seemed as though a nuclear holocaust went through Berkley and Oakland.  Acres and acres of homes and trees were gone as if they never existed. Now, it resembles a huge graveyard of ash with only chimneys remaining.”