Monday, April 17, 2023




Copyright©2019 by Sheryl J. Bize-Boutte

You named me 

Mother Earth 

And in my last days 

I look back and wonder

If you had believed

I was a man

Would you have

Respected me more

Would you have treated me 

Like the devoted caregiver

Taken for granted 

Thinking I would always be here

Because Mama always got you

Even when you 

Slowly and deliberately

Break her heart


I have come to know you

As the indifferent children you are

Greedy and uncaring

Where those among you

With the loudest voice

And the biggest bag of coin

Silence those who want to save me

You shake my core

Producing unnatural fire

My heat does not subside

My tears evaporate

I only imagine I can cry

Gone are my seas 

Of clear aqua calm

Debris clouds reflection

Of the exploding stars

Melting in my fever

Freezing in my chill

I am starving 

 Seeking the sweet breath

That is no longer there

I choke on my dryness

I drown in my wetness

My greens are dust

My browns are mold

I am toxic to life

My rancid smell repels

I cannot control my bowel


As I spill over 

into the unknown

and places where 

my wardrobe no longer fits

I am naked and alone

Stripped of my riches

As flames rage across my belly

With misplaced rain 

Steaming from my head

Poison droplets swipe right

Across my chest

Landing at my center

I give birth sporadically

In strange places

Where some things do not belong

There was an order here

There was a freedom

There was a love

Openings for new beginnings

The portal is closing

My feet are missing

My soul is heavy

Movement is an elusive dream

 I have grown tired

I must rest my soul

By leaving you

If enough are left 

Who really love me

You may find my hiding places

While the sun continues to reveal

And the moon lights the empty dark

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