Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Self Number Zero

Sheryl J. Bize Boutte
February 5, 2014

You believe the sun serves
As your personal light
And when the moon comes up
It is merely a reminder from the universe
That you need your rest

You travel through the world
With complete freedom
Riding the wave of distraction
Hiding in the cracks of memory
Pimping the familial
The friend
The weakness
Undetected until you strike

Your smile seduces
Your prowess seals
The manipulation completed
Leaves gaping mouths
Fractured feelings
Closed accounts

Without a care
You continue your quest
To have it all
At our expense

And when we are empty
You will simply move on
Until it is all gone
And as you think it should be
 You are all there is

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